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William Thomas Seward (Seaward) - 1865 to 1929

After the death of John Killion, Jane married Thomas Seward on 12 January 1865 in Port Macquarie.

On 15 November 1865, their first child, William Thomas Seward, was born on the North Shore, Port Macquarie.  William's birth registration shows Thomas' occupation as a farmer, aged 43 from England.  Jane is shown as 32 from Ireland.  William was baptised on 14 February 1866 at St Thomas Anglican Church, Port Macquarie.  

St Thomas' Anglican Church, Port Macquarie, c1890
Built between 1824 and 1828 by convict labour

William moved with Jane and his siblings to West Kempsey between 1873 and 1878.  He lived in the Kempsey region for the rest of his life.  William didn't marry and worked as a labourer.

William Seward  - Bottom row, far left wearing pale scarf - Tree-felling gang 1917
Macleay River Historical Society Collection
On  07 July 1929, William died at the Macleay District Hospital, Kempsey from "broncho pneumonia".  He was 63 years of age.  On 09 July 1929, William was buried at the Church of England Cemetery, West Kempsey.  On William's death registration, the witnesses at his burial are shown as his nephews, James and Henry Quinn.

William's obituary in the local paper described him as "a hard working, quiet dispositioned citizen".

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