Thursday, 8 June 2017

Is this a photo of Thomas Killion?

Thanks for your posts and information as we learn more about the children of John and Jane Killion. We’ve now covering the children of Thomas and Jane Seward. Then, we’re onto stories of convicts, “Irish famine orphans”, absconders and a lot more…..and it's all in the family!

Thomas Killion and Mary Jane Wood married on 09 June 1886 - 131 years ago today….

We have a photo of Mary Jane but do you think we’ve identified a photo of Thomas?

The left hand photo is from a collection held by Helen and Karen, descendants of Thomas and Mary Jane. 
Thomas and Jane's oldest child, George (1886 to 1932), is shown in photos to the right. They're from the collection of Martyn, George's grandson. 

Please post your comments about our unidentified young man:-
Do you think he's "a Killion"?
Could it be another photo of George or one of his siblings taken in the early 1900s?
Could it be a photo of Thomas, George's father, taken around 1880?

Finally, if you have any old photos, identified or unidentified, that could be Killion, Quinn or Hand family members, please share them.

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