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The Killion, Quinn and Hand Family Blog

John Killion arrived in Sydney on 19 January 1834.  He was transported from County Westmeath, Ireland.  John received his ticket of leave on 10 July 1848.  On 29 September 1851, he married Jane Feeny in what is now the Port Macquarie Historic Museum. John and Jane had five children before John's death on 21 July 1864. 

Family of John and Jane Killion

On 12 January 1865, Jane married Thomas Seward.  We're still researching details of Jane and Thomas's arrival in the young colony.  It's most likely that Jane was an orphan who came from Ireland in 1849.  It seems that Thomas was transported from England in the 1830s. Thomas and Jane had three children who survived to adulthood.  The second chart shows the family of Thomas and Jane Seward.  The details of Thomas's death are unclear.

Family of Thomas and Jane Seward
However, by the 1880s, Jane and her 8 children were living in Kempsey.  On 23 Jul 1887, Jane married Charles Moran - her third marriage and his first.  It seems that Charles, an Irishman, had been in the British navy prior to his arrival in the colony about 1875.
Jane Moran died in Kempsey on 11 August 1907, aged 76.   Jane is buried in Kempsey West Church of England Cemetery.

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