Saturday, 12 May 2018

The Killion, Quinn and Hand Family Blog a year on......

Mother's Day is appropriate to mark the first anniversary of our blog and Facebook group.  Jane Feeney, our many times great grandmother and great aunt, is the central person in our story.   

We've made contact with more "Feeney cousins" than we expected - descendants of Jane from her marriages to John Killion and Thomas Seward and, more recently, descendants of her brothers, Edward and Thomas.  Thank you for your generosity in sharing photos and stories along with your comments and queries.   A special thank you goes to the "cousins" who came on our "DNA adventure" which allowed us to reunite Jane with her birth family and take our family tree back a further generation.

There are still many mysteries to be solved:-
  • Where and when was Jane Feeney born?
  • Where's John Killion's birth family?
  • Where and when did Thomas Seward die?

After many years of collecting "likely" family photos, Martyn, our family historian, has identified the people in some photos with our help.  There are still many to be identified and, hopefully, found....maybe even photos of Edward, Thomas and Jane Feeney!

Identified just 2 weeks after our first post is this photo of Edward John (Jack) Killion with his daughter Mary Josephine Killion and nephew William (Willie) Ryan

Identified in June 2017 is this photo of Francis Gersbach and Margaret Killion taken in Sydney in the mid 1880s

Last week, I was researching my Gersbach family at the Society of Australian Genealogists in Sydney when I came upon this 1983 letter. 

Researching family history and connecting with family has become so much easier over the last 35 years!  Let's keep telling and growing the Feeney, Killion, Quinn and Hand family story....

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