Monday, 18 December 2017

On the centenary of Thomas Killion's death

Jane Feeney, our many times great-grandmother, had five children with John Killion and five children with Thomas Seward.  James and Richard, the last two children, were twins and died shortly after birth.  The other eight children lived to be adults and seven had children.

Thomas, the third chid, was the first of the Killion children to succumb to bronchial illness and the first of the adult children to die.  So on 19 December 1917, 100 years ago, Thomas died at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital in Sydney with the cause of death recorded as "broncho pneumonia".   

Thomas was buried the following day in the Catholic section of Waverley Cemetery.  Mary Jane, his wife, and Annie Lyons, their daughter, where also buried there in 1940 and 1975, respectively.  Sadly, the cemetery is not well maintained which is interesting as you pay $10.25 for sheet showing the burial site - included to save others the cost! 

Many descendants of Thomas and Mary Jane Killion are members of our Facebook group - Killion, Dreyer, Benson, Halliday, Semmens, Kennedy and Lemon.  Six of Thomas and Mary Jane's nine children had families.

This is the link to the previous blogspot on Thomas's life and family.

We're still uncertain if this is a photo of Thomas as a young man...the search continues!

So let's take a moment today to remember Thomas and his family.

In closing, season's greetings to all Killion, Quinn, Hand and Feeney cousins.  We'll be back in 2018 with news of discoveries we've made about the birth family of Jane Feeney using DNA analysis.

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