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John and Jane Killion's marriage - 1851 to 1864

We have very few details of John and Jane's marriage other than the births of their five children.

Edward John (Jack) was born about 1854 and Rosanna (Rose) about 1855.  However, we can't find any birth or baptism registrations for Jack or Rose.  Jack's granddaughter had his birth date recorded as 20 October 1854.

Thomas was their third child.  His birth registration shows he was born on 10 April 1857 at "North Shore opposite the Town of Port Macquarie", John shows his occupation as "settler" and there were two "previous issue", John and Rosanna "both living".

Mary Jane, their fourth child, was born on 25 October 1859.

Margaret, was their fifth child.  Her birth registration shows she was born on 10 February 1862 at "North Shore, Port Macquarie".  Again John is shown as a "settler" and the previous issue are John (9), Rosanna (6), Thomas (5) and Mary Jane (2).

Edward John is top left and Margaret is top right.  At this stage, we're still looking for evidence to verify that Thomas is bottom left and Mary Jane is bottom right.  We don't have a photo of the search continues!

Martyn Killion's research has revealed that on 19 July 1859, just prior to the birth of Mary Jane, John purchased 53 acres of land for the sum of fifty three pounds.

The land that John purchased is shown as "1" below and is on the North Shore of the Hastings River.

Today, there's housing and bushland on the site which is to the right of the Settlement Point Ferry berth on the North Shore.  A stay at Bliss Beach House would see you on the very land that the Killion and later the Seward families lived.

Five years after purchasing his land and with 5 children aged between 2 and 9, John died on 21 July 1864 at his home.  John was about 59 years of age and had been in Australia for just over 30 years - half his life.  He's been married to Jane for almost 13 years.  

My hope is that "these were the best years of his life"!  

John's death registration shows he was a farmer.  Asthma, which he'd suffered for three years, was the cause of his death.

There is no evidence of John's exact burial site. However, John's name is listed on the memorial at Port Macquarie Historical Cemetery which is close to St Thomas Church in Gordon Street. 

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