Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Jane Feeny and the Irish orphan girls

In our last post, we followed Jane from the South Dublin workhouse to Port Macquarie staying at Hyde Park Barracks in Sydney after she disembarked from the Digby in 1849.
If you're ever in Macquarie Street with a few hours to spare, a visit to Hyde Park Barracks is highly recommended. You'll find Jane's name inscribed on the Australian Monument to the Great Irish Famine. In the Museum, there's a wonderful display on the Irish girls including the story of a girl who also arrived aboard the Digby.
You can read more information about the Irish orphan girls here.
The 18th Annual Commemoration at the Great Irish Famine Monument will take place on Sunday 27 August 2017 at 12pm. At a small cost, you can attend the event and visit the Museum. You can get the information here.

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